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Tuesday, May 25, 2021



The future Yoruba nation is being subjected, in its present state of incubation, to a grave sabotage which will definitely bear a dire consequence when it is ready to attain its maturity, on this premise, Permit me to launch a solemn and stern appeal to all sons and daughters of Oodua to make use of vigilance as their watchword. An orchestrated and systematically sustained campaign of calumny, denigration  and open desecration of traditional institutions, character assassination of personalities , propagation of propaganda on the pedestal of  fabricated lies, unsubstantiated and fallacious accusations  , etc . This orchestrated plot aimed at painting as villains and saboteurs our charismatic heroes and doggedly enigmatic fighters for the struggle of an autonomous Yoruba nation, is sponsored by a group disgruntled Yoruba politicians who have no stake in the future of Yoruba nation because they have already elapsed their usefulness, obtained and squandered their traditional and cultural heritage like the biblical prodigal son.

This plan is being carried out by a group of  few  rabble rousers, empty dust raisers  and lousy mouthed  resonating box  who have suddenly arrogated to themselves the mantle of leadership of the emancipation of Yoruba nation  through funfair jamborees , noisy aimless rallies void of any clear “ Feuille  de route “  to give readable visibility  and clarity of purpose to the supposed struggle . The recent unbridled and uncouth outburst  of Sunday Igboho against the outstanding personality of  15th Aare Ona kakanfo of Yorubaland , Iba Ganiyu Abiodun Ige Adams , is a perfect illustration of the sponsored attack to target and rubbish the names of  revered personalities in Yoruba land ,  even the blind can visibly  see the indelible  footprints  and the deaf can hear in an unequivocal  audible clear  voice the efforts of Aare Ona kakanfo in the struggle to emancipate Yorubaland  over the years  .


 It instructive to also note that Sunday Igboho is not alone in this odious Machiavelli plot of character assassination of the personality of the Aare ona kakanfo , he has been linked to some opportunist bloggers of Yoruba origin, residing outside the shores of Nigeria by these politicians who are taking advantage of  his  rabid  and infectious illiteracy . A certain blogger  of DARA TALK  SHOW who is a reputed and certified  drug addict,  and doubles as Sunday igboho’s  girlfriend,  now rehabilitated and  reconverted to a social blogger is one of those spearheading the onslaught  .   Sunday  igboho’s  campaigns of calumny are well funded by these politicians back home, however , unsuspecting   sons and daughters of Oodua in the diaspora who genuinely believed and ready to support the emergence of a credible Yoruba nation, have been  hoodwinked , cornered, misled and railroaded into believing these mass entertainers who are hell bent on distracting the masses from the real struggle by provoking internal wrangling and dissention while the politicians continue to strategize on how to deliver Yoruba land to their Fulani masters come 2023 just like in 2015 ,and  God knows that  we warned our people against these politicians  who are the architect of the present woes , predicaments and calamities  Yorubas are made to go through  presently . These bloggers targets our diaspora, who are enlightened but spinelessly  gullible to stupor , and occupied them with spurious and baseless campaign  and cooked up flimsy stories that the  real and genuine struggle fighters are  collecting money to sabotage efforts of the emergence of a Yoruba nation  , at the same time  meaningless rallies are organized all over the Yoruba land by these  primitive miscreants suffering  an acute problem of ego and complexity of  “notice me syndrome “ . Somebody in the same mold in the name of Adeyinka Grandson was also sponsored in the past to tarnish the reputation of Iba Gani and forcefully coerce him to aligning behind these political criminals, greedy hawks, kleptomaniac, hyenas and   blood sucking beasts, however he valiantly tried but failed woefully and soon faded into the un-memorized disk of oblivion where unfortunately e-rats ends their race .  Unknown to him and his masters , the  young  Gani Adams  of the 90s has metamorphosed into a coliseum of  wisdom and knowledge , a fountain of inspiration where Yoruba descendants of diaspora  from 89 countries are tapping from  ,through the Oodua Progressive union  ( OPU) ,  a pace setter whose vision has radically revolutionized the Oodua people’s congress  OPC , organization that was hitherto considered as an outlaw has over the years under the leadership , of Otunba Gani Adams , attracted the high and mighty  within the Yoruba landscape ,  intellectuals of different pedigrees , technocrats , intelligentsia  , businessmen and women , university dons , professionals from all walks of life etc.  Gani Adams is firm believer ,  practitioner and defender of Yoruba  cultural heritage , the Olokun festival foundation is a testimony of his custodianship , this foundation has been able to resuscitate series of Yoruba festivals celebrated annually   . All these results did not come by a stroke of  magic wand or mere wishes , it was achieved by a high concentrate of  commitment ,unwavering  conviction, focused  and nourished ideology ,  while the young lads of his age , in the early 90s , were enjoying the goodies of life and pursuing their dreams , the young Gani Adams chose the marquis under the most brutal dictatorship of our nascent nation to defend the Yoruba race , he was deprived of his freedom,  slept in hamlets , bushes in company of rodents , cohabited  with dangerous wild animals in the thick forests of Yoruba land  , famished and jailed for the Yoruba cause , but this biblical Moses of our time remained undaunted and steadfast in his resolution to continue to fight for the cause of the down trodden  . There is no way the history of struggle to attaining democracy would be written without the mention of the young Gani Adams ,  to the extent of carving a niche for the emergence of the likes of the then irrelevant and inconsequentially unnoticed   in the political consideration  of Yorubaland, but  now  land lord of Bourdillon and self-acclaimed and self-serving  Asiwaju and  owner of Lagos state . All these attributes and struggle of 28yrs  endeared Gani Adams to the IFA oracle , the Yoruba traditional deity , predictor of destiny and last resort  to cultural arbitration mechanism , to be chosen as the 15th Aare Ona kakanfo of Yoruba land , so  what is the basis of the hues and cries against a man who is solidly backed by the gods of Yoruba land?. His emergence as the Aare ona kakanfo is not the doing of men , though some sponsored  tried effortlessly to deride the decision of IFA by writing petitions to the Alaafin  stop his coronation , but the wise iku baba yeye igba ekeji oosha  knows too well more than any neophyte  the implication of going against the decision of IFA oracle .  Iba Gani Adams is blessed with a supportive wife and five children of both sex , he and his family have not relocated or absconded Nigeria , until we declare the Yoruba nation and our nascent adopted into the comity of nations  


It is suffice to say that Aare Gani Adams is above the pettiness and loquacious brouhaha of a town crier , his schedules are  too tight as to descend to the level of a political tout who was amply  presented by Babafemi Ojudu in his article titled “ THE SUNDAY IGBOHO I KNOW “ as a mercenary whose only trade , apart from being a motorcycle tire repairer, is to scuttle and disrupt  free and fair elections by snatching ballot boxes , causing mishap  and unleashing psychological and  body injuries to the opponents of his principals. The ongoing struggle to liberate the Yoruba land is all about a total  unmitigated and unequivocal  freedom from foreign and home oppressors , political Janjaweed’s and killers of destinies within us , it is a battle of an unconditional emancipation , and that is where Iba Gani Adams  resolvedly  and unwaveringly  stands  unperturbed , and going by the aforementioned,  It is understandable  that the fear of  the 15 th Aare Ona kakanfo Yorubaland  is the beginning of wisdom. The beginning of the campaign of Sunday Igboho really impressed many people, notwithstanding  his attention seeking approach , he soon betrayed himself and the struggle he claims to be at the vanguard that he is actually working for the actualization of the presidential ambition of Tinubu come 2023, which  is not what the Yoruba people need , we can’t  be perpetual slaves of the insatiable greed and inordinate ambition of one man who is desperately agog with a penchant desire to rule by all means , even if he has to trade the future of unborn generation of the descendants  of Oodua  . The latest declaration of the governors of the southwest under the leadership of Ahmed Tinubu denouncing the emergence of any  Yoruba nation is an indication of the double game of Igboho who stands to lose nothing because his two wives and children are under the protection of German government , so who is fooling who?  . The overzealous Igboho has publicly begged Tinubu to jettison the presidency of Nigeria and come to be the president of his own Yoruba nation. Enough of this public show of cowardice  , it is high time Igboho shut his mouth and allow serious freedom fighters strategize on the forward , he is constituting himself as an unnecessary distraction and nuisance to the genuine strategies to realizing the objectives of an independent Yoruba nation  , I recall that while Igboho is busy savoring an imaginary victory in Ibarapa , the main OPC men  who dislodged  Wakili,  the Fulani  obscurantist from Igangan , are still languishing in jail for trumped up charges of murder ,unfortunately the empty  and nauseating noise of igboho  has shifted attention away from the plight of these three men unjustly incarcerated in the federal prison .

 Asiwaju Kayode Idowu 


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