SIFAX Boss, Taiwo Afolabi Takes over Hospitality Business with Marriot - CURRENT NEWS


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Friday, November 12, 2021

SIFAX Boss, Taiwo Afolabi Takes over Hospitality Business with Marriot


 Like French astrologer, physician and reputed seer Michel de Nostredame; Dr. Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi is known as SIFAX is a man who sees tomorrow. When many never believed in his voluptuous dreams; he never doubted his ability as he strongly believed in his innate ability to see fortune out of every misfortune. In business, as we speak he ranks high among his peers as he is a silent achiever who does not court unnecessary media attention. More reason he is a major player across the business pies tied around him with a large interest in Maritime, Aviation, Haulage, Hospitality, Financial Services and Oil and Gas.
 The trained lawyer is not your regular greenhorn when it comes to business he is a calculated businessman who loves to take risks. He believes risk-takers are those who will eventually make heads ways in the nations dwindling economy. More reason his name is currently flying high as his Marriot Hotel situated in the heart of Lagos is currently a mecca of sort for those who want the luxury lade with hospitality. Today he is high flying in the hospitality sector since he opened the hotel for business earlier this year.

Years ago, after a fierce battle with some other business money bag in the country, Afolabi got the franchise to build the hotel in Ikeja, the Lagos state capital. During the process of construction, many issues erupted. When many of his detractors thought he was unable to build the hotel; Afolabi shut them up with results. Despite taking a long time, The University of Lagos-trained lawyer built a magnificent state-of-the-art architectural jaw-dropping edifice fitted with modern cosmopolitan facilities.  His doggedness and drive have helped crest his name in gold and also actualize his dreams of owning one of the biggest hospitality spots in Lagos. After painfully sowing with tears, as we speak he is reaping bountifully with smiles on his face.
 Sources averred that; since the launch of the hotel, it is always been sold out. The hotel has changed the face of commerce and trade within that axis. Other hotels within that axis are also enjoying the economic boom since the hotel opened for business. They are also praying for Dr. Taiwo for making their business boom.”

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