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Sunday, October 31, 2021

The goddess of Olokun --Yemoja

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Yemoja is a spirit from the Yoruba religion. She is an Orisha and the mother of all Orishas. She is often syncretized with either Our Lady of Regla, or Stella Maris.

Yemoja  is motherly and strongly protective, and cares deeply for all Her children, comforting them and cleansing them of sorrow. She is said to be able to cure infertility in women, and cowrie shells represent Her wealth. She does not easily lose Her temper, but when angered She can be quite destructive and violent, as the sea in a storm.

according to wikipedia
Yemo̩ja is a mother spirit; patron spirit of women, especially pregnant women; patron deity of the Ògùn river but she is also worshiped at streams, creeks, springs in addition to wells and run-offs...anywhere there is water flowing. Her name is a contraction of the Yoruba words "Iye omo eja" which means "Mother whose children are like fish." This represents the vastness of her motherhood, her fecundity, and her reign over all living things. In West Africa, Yemoja is worshiped as a high-ranking river deity, but in Brazil and Cuba she is worshiped mainly as a sea/ocean goddess. River deities in Yorubaland include Yemo̩ja, Ò̩s̩un (Oshun), Erinlè̩, O̩bà, Yewa, etc. It is Olókun that fills the role of sea deity in Yorubaland, while Yemoja is a leader of the other river deities. Since the river deity Yemoja is also a mermaid, she can visit all other bodies of water, including the sea, but her home and the realm she owns is the river, especially the Ogun River in Nigeria.
this is a simple praise sung to her by her devotees

Mo juba awo Yemoja.
Iwo ni Ayaba Iya.
Iwo ni Iya Orisha.
Iwo ni Inu Iye Odidi.
Iwo ni Ifihan Ti Abo Ase.
Iwo ni Inu Aiye.
Iwo ni Orisha Obinrin Okun Nla ati Odo.
Iwo ni Oluwa Awo Ti Abo Ipilese.
I humble myself before the mystery of Yemoja.
You are the Queen of Mothers.
You are the Mother of the Orisha.
You are the Womb of all Life.
You are the Feminine Manifestation of the Ase.
You are the Womb of the World.
You are the Goddess of the Oceans and Rivers.
You are the Owner of the Mystery of the Feminine Principle.

Her followers all wear necklaces of seven blue beads and seven clear crystals alternating. Yemoja gave birth to all the waters and is known as the “mama watta”. Her name is a contraction of Yoruba words,”Yeye emo eja” which means “Mother whose children are like fishes.” Her parents are Oduduwa and Obatala. She married Agayu and they had one son, Orungan, and fifteen Orishas.
She is different then most goddesses because she is, in fact, a mermaid. Her symbols are seashells, coral, a gourd rattle, an anchor, a key, and turquoise. In the Umbanda religion, they worship her as one of the seven orixas of the African pantheon. She is known to them as the Queen of the Ocean. Yemoja is the patron of women, particularly pregant women; fishermen; and sunken ship survivors.
Yemoja created a tribe and gave birth to all the water, salt and fresh, so she became a goddess. Call upon her when you want to connect to your inner child. She can help you imagine that you too are a mermaid and can have fun. She can show you that having fun is important in life just as it is for working.

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